Assessment of data quality in state registers launched

As part of EU4DigitalUA, an assessment of the quality of data in Ukraine’s public state registers has begun. In particular, the quality of data in such basic state registers as the demographic one, the register of real property rights and the register of individual taxpayers will be assessed over the next five months.

During the implementation of the EU4DigitalUA project, a methodology and relevant guidelines for assessing the quality of data in state electronic information resources (SEIR) were developed. Until 2021, there was no unified procedure for assessing the quality of SEIR data in Ukraine, which made it difficult to identify problems and improve the status of data available. The proposed methodological support is a description and step-by-step instructions for the staff of a SEIR holder and/or administrator, based on which one can independently plan and conduct data quality assessment in SEIR, as well as take measures to improve data quality. The developed methodological approaches can form the basis of a national strategy for data quality management, and the results of the initial assessment will help identify current areas for development of data management structures and processes.

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