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EU4DigitalUA is part of the European Union’s support to Ukraine and continues the work of the EGOV4UKRAINE project, implemented in 2016—2021 within the U-LEAD with Europe programme.


EU4DigitalUA is a partner of the EU4Digital Initiative ( which operates in six Eastern Partnership countries.

Areas of work

Moving Forward Together

EU4DigitalUA is focused on the further development of digital government infrastructure, public e-services, cyber security and data protection.

With improved efficiency and security of public service delivery, citizens and businesses in Ukraine will have better access to services provided by authorities while the number and quality of these e-services will increase.

Areas of work

Diia mobile application: Evaluation report The evaluation report is aimed at assessing the effect of the launch of Diia mobile application developed and promoted by the Ministry of Digital... quarterly report (3Q 2021)

Over 200 million transactions took place in the system, of which almost 63 million were made in the 3rd quarter of 2021. The EU4DigitalUA project...

EU helps protecting the personal data of Ukrainians

The European Union will provide support in developing Ukraine's capacity on protecting personal data. This became possible thanks to the Memorandum signed today in Kyiv...

Expected results

  • Sustainable environment for the development of e-services is created.
  • Key state registers interact with each other and provide the automated information exchange (interoperability) needed for e-services provision.
  • Trust in governmental e-services increased through the creation of a secure infrastructure: ecosystem for digital identification, secure data exchange, data quality in key state registers, etc.
  • Key stakeholders developed the necessary capacities to effectively steer and coordinate the design and implementation of the e-governance policy.
  • The civil and private sector is well informed about the opportunities and risks of e-governance.
  • The government institutions have an improved capacity to tackle cyber threats and implement data protection principles.

Ukraine is strongly committed to digital transformation. The EU supports Ukraine’s further digital development to raise the country’s competitiveness, improve electronic public services for Ukrainian citizens and businesses and foster approximation with the EU Digital Single Market.

Ambassador MATTI MAASIKAS, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine

Areas of work

Institutional strengthening and capacity development (FIIAPP)

The component is focusing on the institutional strengthening of the key authorities of the Ukrainian administration so that they can develop the necessary capacities to effectively lead and coordinate the...

Communication and public awareness (FIIAPP)

The component focuses on promoting the wider use of e-services by citizens and business as well as raising the awareness of public and private sector about the opportunities and risks...

Cyber security (eGA) and data protection (FIIAPP)

The “data protection” part of the component, which is implemented by FIIAPP, aims to arrange that data protection principles should be discussed and agreed at the very initial stage of...


Tender for development of communication campaigns

Deadline: 29.11.2021

The object of the contract is the technical assistance services for development of strategy forcommunication campaigns aimed at groups of users of electronic services (eServices) in Ukraine. With these information or communication campaigns it is intended to cause the following...
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Carrying out a sociological research

Deadline: 15.11.2021

The object of the contract is the technical assistance services for planning, organizing and carrying out sociological research (both quantitative and qualitative) on the subject of digitization in Ukraine. The tasks to be carried out are as follows: investigate the...
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Developing of software libraries for electronic signature of QTSP users

Deadline: 29.10.2021

The present procurement is carried out by the E-Governance Academy of Estonia to receive a developing of software libraries for electronic signature of Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) users to be provided in Ukraine in order to enable the further...
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Development of e-Entrepreneur (first part)

Deadline: 11.11.2021

Within the framework of EU4DigitalUA, eGA announces the procurement of development services of the first part of the complex electronic service "e-Entrepreneur." The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine initiated the introduction of e-Entrepreneur to enable Ukrainian citizens to start...
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Tender for legal support

Deadline: 22.11.2021

(please note that the deadline has been postponed!) The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP) announces a new tender for procurement of legal support services. The subject of this assignment is to be in charge of...
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Design and execution of “Computer science” curricular programme

Deadline: 22.10.2021

The object of the contract is the technical assistance services, distributed in lots, for the design and execution of the "Computer Science" curricular programme within the framework of EU4DigitalUA project. The services to be provided by the experts will be...
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Modernisation of Single Inter-Institutional Information System for Admission of Foreign Applicants to Higher Education Institutions

Deadline: 22.09.2021

Procurement of services for the modernization of the Single Inter-Institutional Information System for the Admission of Foreign Applicants to Higher Education Institutions (Ukraine) More information:
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Data quality assessment in state electronic information resources

Deadline: 08.10.2021

Within the framework of the EU4DigitalUA project, it is planned to procure consulting services for assessing the quality of data of state electronic information resources (SEIR). The result of this procurement is the conclusion of framework agreements with the winners...
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Development of software for the English version of the DIIA portal

Deadline: 13.08.2021

This procurement is carried out by E-Governance Academy of Estonia to acquire services on modernization of electronic services management platform and electronic user cabinet as part of Diia Portal in terms of creation of English version of Diia Portal to...
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Розробка інструментів інтероперабельності державних реєстрів на базі системи “Трембіта”

Дедлайн: 16.08.2021

Академія електронного управління Естонії проводить рамкову закупівлю послуг із розробки інструментів інтероперабельності державних реєстрів на базі системи “Трембіта” для проєкту міжнародної технічної допомоги “EU4DigitalUA: взаємодія, електронні послуги та кібербезпека", що фінансується із загального бюджету Європейського Союзу. В результаті проведення закупівлі...
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