EU helps protecting the personal data of Ukrainians

The European Union will provide support in developing Ukraine’s capacity on protecting personal data. This became possible thanks to the Memorandum signed today in Kyiv between the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights (UPCHR) and the EU4DigitalUA project.

“Ensuring compliance with the right to protect personal data is one of the priority areas in the activities of the Commissioner,” said Natalia Fedorovych, the Head of the Secretariat of Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, commenting on the signing of the Memorandum. She also stressed that both sides will strengthen, develop and promote joint activities in this area, based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit.

In addition, thanks to the signed Memorandum, the Secretariat will receive the best expert support from European and Ukrainian specialists working in the field of personal data protection. It is also expected that one of the results of joint work will be new recommendations and developments on certain aspects in this area.

“An important element in assessing our joint work will be the level of awareness of Ukrainians about their rights and tools in the field of personal data protection,” commented María Gastón Betrán, Technical Institutional Coordinator of the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administrative and Public Policy (FIIAPP). “We expect that thanks to our cooperation in raising awareness of the population of Ukraine, every citizen will feel more confident and know what to do in case of violation of his rights for privacy,” she added.

In addition, cooperation between the UPCHR Secretariat, the EU4DigitalUA project and the involved experts of the European Union will allow the creation of tools aimed to optimize the activities of the Secretariat. The signed Memorandum also lays the foundation for further work of all stakeholders to raise public awareness in the field of personal data protection.

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