The EU supports the development of the accounting information system for the National Computerization Program

Following all the procedures, the EU4DigitalUA project begins to work with Softlist LLC Company to develop the Unified Accounting Information System for the National Computerization Program (NCP). It will ensure the automation of all processes related to NCP.

The unified information accounting system will improve the interaction between state bodies, experts and executors of informatisation projects. The system will make the processes of approval and accounting of projects simpler: acceptance, accounting and processing of tasks will be carried out in e-format. It will also store all materials of the National Informatisation Program.

During 16 months of cooperation the following outcomes are planned:
🔹to develop a single automated mechanism for tasks completion, from the preparation of the information systems development plan, execution of work to implementation;
🔹to implement a task monitoring system;
🔹to create a transparent and public mechanism for tasks and project approval within NCP.
🔹to develop a clear system of checks and balances: monitoring during the entire life cycle of project implementation; personal responsibility of experts; the processing of complaints from process participants, and a public interface for informing citizens.

The development of the Unified Accounting Information System is carried out within the framework of component 2 of the EU4DigitalUA project, which focuses on the institutional strengthening of key state authorities of Ukraine and the development of their potential for the implementation of e-governance.

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