Trembita.gov.ua quarterly report (2Q 2022)

Despite the war, Trembita is operational and has already completed over 1.5 billion transactions

EU4DigitalUA presents the second wartime quarterly report on the operation of Trembita, the system of electronic interoperability of Ukraine’s state electronic information resources (trembita.gov.ua).

In the second quarter of 2022, Trembita carried out almost 160 million transactions, or 1.47 billion since its launch (over 1.5 billion transactions as of early August 2022).

This system allows Ukrainian government agencies and local governments to build secure information inter-agency interactions over the Internet by exchanging electronic messages between their information systems. After the start of the war, the EU4DigitalUA project, with the support of the European Union, helped strengthen the protection of Trembita and the Ukrainian state registers operating in the system. The participants of the system are 165 bodies of state power and local self-government, and 72 electronic information resources (EIR) are connected to Trembita (two of them were added in the second quarter of 2022).

In the second quarter of 2022, with the support of the EU4DigitalUA project, 11 web clients of the Trembita system were developed and implemented. They ensured the build-up of 11 electronic information interactions with the Unified Information System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and 9 public registers. Procurement related to the development of web services, web clients and electronic interactions in Trembita was also carried out.

Electronic interaction is the process of data exchange between two EIRs through the software complexes of the recipient (web clients) and the provider (web services).

Transaction in the Trembita system is a completed cycle of sending an electronic request from a web client to a web service, its processing by a web service, receiving an electronic response from a web service by a web client and then processing it by a web client.

The slogan and essence of Trembita: “Data should be running, not people!”

This system allows transferring data from various government registers so that people receive necessary services. Trembita is based on the improved Estonian X-ROAD data exchange platform, which is the foundation of the Estonian digital society and has been redesigned for Ukraine with the help of the European Union projects EGOV4UKRAINE (2016-2021) and EU4DigitalUA (2020-2024).

The EU4DigitalUA project has identified 16 indicators for monitoring the current state of the Trembita system and connected electronic information resources (EIRs):

1Number of public authorities, local self-government bodies and business entities that have concluded an agreement on connection to Trembita159170172174
2Number of Trembita participants155167169165
3Total number of EIRs connected to Trembita55677072
4Number of EIRs connected to Trembita and having web services published in the system40494851
5Share of EIRs connected to Trembita and having web services published in the system73%73%69%71%
6Number of EIRs connected to Trembita and having active web services published in the system34394332
7Share of EIRs connected to Trembita and having active web services published in the system61%58%61%44%
8Number of EIRs connected to Trembita and having electronic information interactions46525353
9Share of EIRs connected to Trembita and having electronic information interactions84%78%76%74%
10Number of EIRs connected to Trembita and having active electronic interactions34435039
11Share of EIRs connected to Trembita and having active electronic interactions60%64%71%54%
12Total number of web services published in Trembita223277329349
13Number of active web services11812213392
14Number of active electronic interactions between EIRs in Trembita217228248131
15  Number of transactions in Trembita per quarter62 783 863777 365 685298 148 432159 481 204
16  Number of transactions in Trembita since the system was put into operation235 236 8821 012 602 5671 310 750 9991 470 232 203

Top 5 most popular web services and most active interactions in Trembita 

The analysis has shown that the most popular web services in Trembita in the second quarter of 2022 were the web services of the following EIRs:

1. State Register of Individual Taxpayers – 78,100,871 requests;

2. State Register of Civil Status Acts – 18,241,325 requests;

3. Register of Insured Persons – 14,769, 123 requests;

4. Unified Information System of Social Sphere – 11,339,731 requests;

5. Electronic Healthcare System – 8,833,174 requests.

The 5 most active interactions almost coincide with the previous rating, but there the last place belongs to the Automated System of Enforcement Proceedings:

The results of the analysis also show that, in addition to interaction with Diia,  interactions are also created between other EIRs, mostly:

The Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organisations – the Unified State Register of War Veterans: over 3 million transactions. This interaction ensures obtaining information about legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for the provision of services by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine.

The Electronic Register of Sick Leaves – the Electronic Healthcare System: over 2.3 million transactions. This interaction implements the electronic service “Electronic Sick Leaves.”

Analysis of the connection of the main registers to Trembita

ParticipantRegister (NREIR)Trembita’s SubsystemWeb ServicesActive Web ServicesInteractionActive Interactions
 1State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and CadastreState Land Cadastre_____
 2Ministry of Justice of UkraineState Register of Civil Status Acts+++ ++ 
 3Central Election CommissionState Register of Voters+++++
Pension Fund of UkraineState Register of Compulsory State Social Insurance+++ ++
 5Ministry of Justice of UkraineState Register of Encumbrances on Movable Property_*_*___
Ministry of Justice of UkraineState Register of Real Property Rights+++++ 
 7State Tax Service of UkraineState Register of Individual Taxpayers+++ ++
 8National Health Service of UkraineElectronic Healthcare System+++ ++ 
 9Ministry of Education and Science of UkraineUnified state electronic database on education+++++
 10Ministry of Internal Affairs of UkraineUnified information system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs+++ ++ 
 11Ministry of Social Policy of UkraineUnified State Automated Register of Persons Eligible for Benefits+++ ++ 
 12State Migration Service of UkraineUnified State Demographic Register+++ ++
 13Ministry of Internal Affairs of UkraineUnified State Register of Vehicles+**+___
 14State Judicial Administration of UkraineUnified State Register of Court Decisions+++ ++ 
 15Ministry of Justice of UkraineUnified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations+++ ++ 
16 Ministry of Justice of UkraineUnified Register of Powers of Attorney+++__
 17Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of UkraineUnified state electronic system in the field of construction+++ ++
 18State Property Fund of UkraineUnified Register of State Property_*____
 19State Tax Service of UkraineRegister of Value Added Tax Payers_____
 20Ministry of Veterans Affairs of UkraineUnified State Register of War Veterans+++++
 21Pension Fund of UkraineElectronic register of sick leaves+++ ++

* – connected to the test environment of Trembita.

** – as a subsystem of the UIS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The analysis of the List of priority state electronic information resources for the introduction of electronic interaction, which is specified in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 606 dated 8 September 2016 “On some issues of electronic interaction of electronic information resources” showed that out of 21 registers:

– 17 registers are connected to Trembita’s industrial environment; the State Register of Encumbrances of Movable Property and the Unified Register of State Property are connected to the test environment; the State Land Cadastre and the Register of Value Added Tax Payers are not yet connected;

– all connected registers have active web services;

– all connected registers have electronic information interactions, except for the Unified Register of Powers of Attorney.

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