Carrying out a sociological research

Deadline: 15.11.2021

The object of the contract is the technical assistance services for planning, organizing and carrying out sociological research (both quantitative and qualitative) on the subject of digitization in Ukraine.

The tasks to be carried out are as follows:

  • investigate the opinions of the level of development and quality of digital services in Ukraine, awareness of users (aged 18 years and older) about available services, their advantages and disadvantages;
  • give an in-depth understanding of the causes and consequences of using or not using digital services by different categories of people;
  • to demonstrate people’s priority expectations for specific digital services that should be emphasized.

This procurement is organised by International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP).

Please find more details at!ut/p/b0/Dco7CoAwDADQI8VNEDo4KI4KftosEtogwVg7lIq31_HBAwQLGKnIQVnuSPrbBeakEs8mcCZV3lW8ZPJ_gA0QUEJXFFxfcE7vIu_AdlqrravVjY8xkK6r_QAucKnz/

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