EU4DigitalUA Organises Second Internship on Personal Data Protection

 Video surveillance, drones, and biometric technologies are the reality of today’s world. With the rapid development of technology, personal data protection extends far beyond traditional paper-based record-keeping. Understanding the importance of advancing skills in this field, the EU4DigitalUA project has organised a second internship for the staff of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, which took place from November 13 to November 24, 2023, in Madrid, Spain.

Participants of the internship worked with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), exchanging experiences with foreign colleagues. The program included not only theoretical training but also the resolution of practical tasks, which encompassed impact assessments on privacy, risk management, and procedures for personal data breach incidents.

“Ukraine is currently undergoing a challenging path of transformation of its personal data legislation and its alignment with European and international standards, which is a commitment of our state under the Association Agreement with the EU, and enables its further integration. Exchanging experiences with European colleagues is especially important in this context,” commented Andrew Nikolaev, EU4DigitalUA’s Key Expert on Personal Data Protection.

The internship has contributed to the development of professional skills for Ukrainian specialists. Such exchanges of experience with European organisations like the AEPD will allow Ukraine to move closer to European standards in this field.

Yulia Derkachenko, the Representative of the Commissioner for Information Rights, noted: “During the internship, particular attention was paid to the latest technologies, such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, and their importance in the context of personal data protection. Participants deeply immersed themselves in the study of modern video surveillance systems, the use of drones, and biometrics. We express our gratitude to the EU4DigitalUA project and AEPD for this opportunity to exchange experiences to enhance the level of personal data protection in Ukraine.”

The EU4DigitalUA project collaborates with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, which has been responsible for complying with European standards in Spain, for many years and has invaluable experience in this field.

“Institutional collaboration, the exchange of knowledge and the dissemination of the principles and guarantees laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation is one of the strategic areas of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. The Agency is one of the most active authorities at European level in the protection of this fundamental right of citizens. Close collaboration with other Authorities allows us to transfer knowledge and, additionally, the practical aspects of the effective application of the GDPR and to share the day-to-day experience of the work of the Supervisory Authorities”, explained Luis de Salvador, director of the Technological Innovation Division of the AEPD.

We remind you that the first internship for the staff of the Ukrainian Ombudsman’s Office at the Spanish Data Protection Agency took place in July 2023.

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