Trembita.gov.ua quarterly report (3Q 2021)

Over 200 million transactions took place in the system, of which almost 63 million were made in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

The EU4DigitalUA project presents a report on the operation of Trembita (trembita.gov.ua), the electronic interoperability system of state electronic information resources of Ukraine, in the 3rd quarter of 2021. Trembita allows Ukrainian government agencies and local governments to build secure information interactions through the Internet by exchanging electronic messages between their information systems.

Trembita’s members are 155 public authorities and local governments.

55 electronic information resources are connected to Trembita.

Trembita has 118 active web services and a total of 223 web services.

There are 217 active interactions in Trembita.

Electronic interaction is a process of data exchange between two electronic information resources through software packages of the recipient (web clients) and the supplier (web services). A transaction in the Trembita system is a completed cycle of sending an electronic request from a web client to a web service, its processing by a web service, receipt by a web client of an electronic response message from a web service with its subsequent processing by a web client.

The slogan and essence of Trembita is “Making data run, not people!”

This system allows transferring data from various government registers so that people receive the necessary services and documents. The Trembita system is based on the improved Estonian X-Road data exchange platform, which is the foundation of the Estonian digital society and has been redesigned for the needs of Ukraine with the help of the EU-funded projects EGOV4UKRAINE (2016-2021) and EU4DigitalUA (2020-2024).

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