Development of additional functionality for e-services of state registration of civil status acts

Within the framework of the EU4DigitalUA project, funded by the European Union, the e-Governance Academy (Estonia) announces a tender to develop software for the Diia Portal. The successful bidder will develop additional functionality for the existing public e-services in the area of state registration of civil status acts.

In 2022, several electronic public services were created in the state registration of civil status acts. Receiving certificates from the State Register of Civil Status Acts, duplicate certificates of birth, death, change of name, marriage registration, divorce, and online submission of an application for state marriage registration were digitalized. The process of these e-services’ active use revealed the need to develop additional crucial and relevant functionality.

Within the tender, the winner shall provide the following services:

1. Develop a program that will ensure the integration of the Unified State Demographic Register (USDR) with the online marriage application service.

2. Create an API for the possibility of automated exchange of reference books with the State Register of Civil Status Acts.

3.   Expand the forms and protocols of exchange for duplicates and acts.

4. Create an integration service for data exchange with the USRD using Trembita.You can apply for participation in the tender until September 9, 2023. Detailed terms and conditions of participation and technical requirements are available on the Estonian public procurement portal.

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