Development of draft concept of Competence Centre for e-Services

Deadline: 21.01.2022

As part of the EU4DigitalUA project, services shall be procured to develop the draft Concept of the Competence Centre for E-Services.

The goal is to support the development of electronic public services (including multi-component services) through the systemic organisation of methodological, advisory and practical support to public bodies and other legally entitled parties in developing (including reengineering), improving, maintaining, monitoring, analysing and assessing the quality of the provision and use of these services.

The services are provided with the purpose to:

·        Conceptualise the vision of the Centre, its tasks and powers, the role and the position of the Centre in creating, maintaining, modernizing and promoting of electronic public services as one of the important possible elements of the system of e-services in Ukraine that shall improve the overall capacity and competitiveness of all stakeholders in the sector of e-services. Attention shall also be paid to the further integration of the e-service environment into the related European (EU Digital Single Market) and global environment as well as to the international experience exchange;

·        Shape the vision of the Centre’s operation, the use of the tools required for its operation, its optimal and possible legal forms as well as its possible structure (at the upper level);

·        Prepare proposals concerning mechanisms for the sustainable Centre’s operation and its possible funding sources.

Tender proposals should be submitted by 21 January 2022 via the link:

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