Development of e-Entrepreneur (first part)

Deadline: 11.11.2021

Within the framework of EU4DigitalUA, eGA announces the procurement of development services of the first part of the complex electronic service “e-Entrepreneur.”

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine initiated the introduction of e-Entrepreneur to enable Ukrainian citizens to start their own business (especially restaurants (cafes), shops or beauty salons) by submitting one application via the country’s electronic services web portal “Diia Portal”.

Other purchases

Procurement of ІТ equipment for EU4DigitalUA office

Deadline: 23.07.2021

The present procurement is carried out by the E-Governance Academy of Estonia (hereinafter the Contracting Authority) for the purchase of goods for the E-Governance Academy of Estonia’s Kyiv office (in Ukraine). This procurement is carried out within the framework of...
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Modernisation of Unified State Demographic Register

Deadline: 26.01.2022

As a result of the procurement, the Unified State Demographic Register and the related information system of the Migration Service regarding the identification data of individuals will be modernised. A tool for the exchange of personal data between the information...
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