Development of software for the Unified Information and Analytical Migration Process Management System

Within the framework of the DT4UA project funded by the European Union, the e-Governance Academy (Estonia) announces a tender for software development for the State Migration Service of Ukraine. The winner will develop an electronic service that will verify the information of individuals through the Unified State Demographic Register, which will be used in the Unified Information and Analytical Migration Process Management System.

The electronic verification service should be designed to ensure the interoperability of individuals’ identification data in registers and information and communication systems of public authorities. This service should facilitate better verifying information about individuals in state registers and disseminating a single identifier.

In addition to the electronic verification service, the procurement should include automated updating of information on individuals between the State Register of Civil Status Acts, the State Register of Individuals – Taxpayers and electronic registers and databases of the Unified Information System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The tender will require the development and implementation of software, which includes:

1. Database with the verified data of natural persons;

2. Web service for the verification of natural persons’ data;

3. Web service for the delivery of natural person’s verified data;

4. Web services for the update of data in the database of natural person’s verified data from original sources;

5. Web service for subscription to changes in personal data;

6. Web-based interfaces of the employee responsible for verification.

You can apply for participation in the tender until 13:00, 24 July 2023. Detailed terms of participation and technical requirements are available on the Estonian public procurement portal here.

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