Development of module to provide financial benefits to war veterans

Deadline: 19.09.2022

The e-Governance Academy (Estonia) within the framework of EU4DigitalUA announces a tender to develop a module for interaction with the Unified State Register of War Veterans (USRWV) concerning the provision of financial benefits to war veterans with disabilities of groups I and II from an international organisation via Diia.

Upon request of a war veteran (a person with disabilities of groups I and II caused by war), it will be possible to get financial support from the Red Cross Society of Ukraine and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies via the Diia mobile application.

The development, modification and implementation of the separate module for interaction with the USRWV shall ensure the following:

  • ·       Processing of requests from the Diia Portal mobile application by receiving data from an open programming interface (API) that enables the receipt of applications;
  • Validation of eligibility for the benefits, which is implemented as the check of compatibility with the categories of recipients;
  • Setup of capacities for the registration of the eligible war veterans as well as for the storage and accumulation of the data concerning the provision of the financial benefits processed via the data management platform of RedRose company;
  • Creation of the service for integration with the data management platform of RedRose company/

More details about the procurement:

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