The project is funded by the EU and
implemented by the e-Governance Academy
(eGA, Estonia) and the International and
Ibero-American Foundation for Administration
and Public Policies (FIIAPP F.S.P., Spain) in
close collaboration with the Ministry of Digital
Transformation of Ukraine.

The project’s budget is EUR 20.5 million (October 2020 – May 2024)

EU4DigitalUA has the following components:

1. Interoperability and digital government infrastructure (eGA)
2. Institutional strengthening and capacity development (FIIAPP)
3. Communication and public awareness (FIIAPP)
4. E-services development (eGA)
5. Cyber security (eGA) and data protection (FIIAPP)




Increasing the competitiveness of Ukraine

Our mission is to increase the competitiveness of Ukraine through digital transformation, transparency, and openness. For this purpose, we analyse information, create knowledge about e-governance and digital transformation, and transfer international best practices to the Ukrainian government and other stakeholders. 


  • Expertise. Our internationally recognised and highly experienced digital transformation experts and partners enjoy openly sharing their personal practical experience with others.

  • Independence. We act and advise independently of our political and economic stakeholdersand technology partners.

  • Client focus. We listen carefully and learn about the specific situation of each country. We take a strategic approach and recommend tailor-made solutions that can be implemented in practice.

  • Impact. We strive to ensure that our activities have a long-term impact on the society. To achieve the best results, we have an unwavering focus on the quality of our work and meeting agreed deadlines.

  • Sustainability. We make sure our results are sustainable and work towards reducing the overall environmental footprint of our operations.

  • Respect. We respect human diversity and value the principle of equal treatment among our employees, partners and stakeholders.

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