Consultancy services for the development of the Digital Competence Centre

Within the framework of the DT4UA project, the e-Governance Academy (Estonia) announces a tender for the provision of consultancy services on the development and updating of the knowledge base and guidelines on e-services, as well as support for IT tools for the Digital Competence Centre. This will help to create a single knowledge hub that will facilitate the scale-up of public service digitalisation.

The successful bidder should develop recommendations on how to improve the digitalisation of public services. The recommendations should be based on thorough analytics and best European and global practices.

The winner of the tender should:

  1. create a knowledge base on e-services and develop directories of data and documents used in the provision of administrative services
  2. maintain and update guidelines for the creation and reengineering of electronic services
  3. fill and maintain a platform for hosting e-services development and testing tools (testbed/toolkit platform)
  4. conduct trainings, information campaigns, develop infographics, articles, etc.

You can apply for participation in the tender until 25 July. For more information and technical specifications, please follow the link.

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