Services on conducting survey to define necessary services for development of English version of DIIA portal

Deadline: 02.03.2021

Services on conducting a survey to define necessary services for development in English version of the DIIA portal for provision of e-services for foreign citizens and Ukrainians who live abroad including: development of a Web-page which will provide relevant information, creates possibility to conduct surveys among potential users of the services and conducting a marketing campaign, which will provide information to potential users.

Riigihangete register 4.8.15 (

Міністерство цифрової трансформації України (

Other purchases

Tender for development of communication campaigns

Deadline: 29.11.2021

The object of the contract is the technical assistance services for development of strategy forcommunication campaigns aimed at groups of users of electronic services (eServices) in Ukraine. With these information or communication campaigns it is intended to cause the following...
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Development of INSPIRE-based external interaction module of Unified State Register of Addresses

Deadline: 10.08.2022

Estonia’s e-Governance Academy, within the EU4DigitalUA project funded by the European Union, announced a tender for the procurement of services for the development of the INSPIRE-based external interaction module of the Unified State Register of Addresses. INSPIRE means "Infrastructure for...
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