Cyber security (eGA) and data protection (FIIAPP)

Сomponent 5 is aimed at the further development of the ability to ensure the security of critical infrastructure objects and public electronic registers by conducting cyber exercises, organising monitoring of access to personal data and implementing modern solutions to combat cyber threats.

The data protection part of the component aims to arrange that data protection principles should be discussed and agreed at the very initial stage of the e-services development to build trust towards those services among the citizens.

To this end, our experts analyze the legislation in the field of personal data protection and provide recommendations for its improvement. Adoption of the new version of the Law of Ukraine On Personal Data Protection and harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a necessary condition for Ukraine’s integration into the EU.

Experts are working on the creation of draft bylaws and recommendations in various areas of personal data processing, assisting the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the office of The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights. The project analyzes dozens of practical cases and situations regarding the processing of personal data faced by state bodies and private companies.

During martial law, our experts participate in the development of recommendations and changes to the legislation on personal data to strengthen it against the challenges caused by the war with Russia.

Also, training constitutes an important part of the component. They aim to increase awareness in the field of personal data protection among business representatives, civil servants and the public.

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