Announcing materials of the project “Updated Informatics – IT Studios” by Mintsyfra and MES, supported by the EU

In September 2023, we will present materials for directors of educational institutions, teachers, parents, and students that will help to rethink informatics as a subject of the school curriculum. The materials for “Updated Informatics – IT Studios” will be placed on a separate module of the Diia.Education platform.

The materials will contain interactive exercises, tests, practical tasks, and project works that will encourage students to practice their developed skills and reflect upon them. One of the key features of the platform module is that it caters to the needs of each audience: parents will be able to track their child’s academic performance, teachers can assign and evaluate tasks, formulate a learning trajectory for each class, and communicate with students. Students will have their own interface, through which they will not just view educational content, but actively engage with it.

The platform’s functionality will be expanded by the end of fall 2023. Educational resources of IT studios can be used in primary, secondary, and high school. Among the innovations are animated videos, presentations, localised materials, and videos from Code.Org, as well as videos with expert practitioners. Kharkiv, Odesa, and Lviv IT clusters also participated in the creation of educational videos.

Experts have prepared Methodological Recommendations for implementing IT studios in the teaching process of informatics, which teachers can use when creating calendar-thematic plans and planning the educational process.

According to the results of the pilot project “Updated Informatics – IT Studios”, which took place from September 2022 to August 2023, 100% of the teacher participants of the pilot are ready, or rather eager, to recommend the resources of IT studios. Among the competencies that participants highlighted the most in terms of development were lifelong learning, digital competence, mathematics, social skills, communication in both the state and foreign languages, civic engagement, and entrepreneurship. Most teachers noted that compared to the pilot stage of the project, there’s a need to expand the platform’s functionality.

The details of the project and the prepared educational materials will be presented during a press conference scheduled for the second half of September 2023.

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